How Do You Take A Corner Kick When The Ball Is Floating In A Puddle?

A puddle corner kick was taken in Kazakhstan because the referee said the ball couldn't be moved.

For a corner kick to be taken, the ball must be placed withing the confines of the corner arc. Otherwise, chaos will ensue. Gravity will cease to exist. Everyone will float around everywhere, bumping into stuff chaotically because they have no control over anything. All the colors will turn negative. Vegetables will begin eating people. Bears will begin speaking human languages, but only ancient Greek for some reason. It will be OK to use your cell phone on an airplane.

The world will be an M. Night Shyamalan movie, basically.

Fortunately, that will not happen because of one courageous referee in Kazakhstan who enforced the rules, as befitting his position as referee, and made some players take a corner kick from the proper spot even though the ball was floating on water at said proper spot. Rules are not made to be broken! Rules are made to be enforced!

To be honest, the actual kick went much better than we thought it would. The volley looked like a recipe for disaster, but that ball actually landed in the field of play. What's more, it landed in a spot where a proper corner kick might conceivably land!

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