This Coca-Cola Saga Won’t End; Here’s Every Player/Coach Involved With Bizarre Trend

Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo moved those two Coca-Cola bottles on Monday, the Euro 2020 press conferences have been filled with weird bottle antics. This is by far the weirdest trend I’ve ever seen that will be one of the big stories of these Euros.

Not too long after Ronaldo moved the coke bottles, Paul Pogba removed a Heineken bottle from his press conference. The trend has gone full-speed and nearly every press conference has some sort of moment with a bottle. UEFA is considering fines for players moving Coca-Cola bottles.

Here’s the list of every player that moved a bottle during a press conference.

Players Moving Coca Cola Bottles (Plus Heineken)

Cristiano Ronaldo

The original. It was all downhill from here.

Paul Pogba

No Heineken for this guy.

Manuel Locatelli

You don’t score braces for your country by drinking sugar. Water only.

Russia Manager Stanislav Cherchesov

Our first Coke sympathizer! Ronaldo would be livid.

Andriy Yarmolenko

No hate on the man who is simply chasing a bag. Good on you Yarmolenko.

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku, who is part of Jay-Z’s agency Roc Nation, kindly asks Coca-Cola to go through the correct legal process to sponsor him.

Scotland’s John McGinn

“Any Coke?” You could tell McGinn had something planned for his press conference and was bummed to have his masterplan foiled by the absence of soda.

Gareth Southgate

No Coke was moved, but the fact that this running-gag has gotten to the point where reporters are asking about it is hilarious. This response was so boring though, it might just kill the trend.

Those are all the incidences I could find so far. I’m sure there are plenty more to come.

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