25 Historically Overlooked Badges From Yesteryear

The biggest news of the Major League Soccer offseason so far has been the Chicago Fire’s new logo. For many, it was a bigger shock to the system than seeing Giovani dos Santos score goals for Club América.  

Chicago isn’t the first to take on a new visual identity that’s modernized (cleaner, simpler and more of a brand as opposed to a traditional football crest). In recent times the likes of Juventus, Atlético Madrid and West Ham have made similar changes, albeit to varying extremes.

Having said that, amendments and total overhauls to badges are applicable to almost every club around the world — especially those that trace their origin back over 100 years. Because of that fact, some great (or at least interesting) crests have been abandoned to the fog of fading memory. 

Here are 25 historical badges that I’m pretty fond of for whatever reason.

25 Old School Badges That I'd Like To Put On A Hat

1. Newcastle United | 1983-1988

Newcastle United

'Cause I'm a punk rocker, yes I am.

2. AC Milan | 1980-1982

AC Milan

I invented electricity. Ben Franklin is the Devil!

3. Sporting Kansas City | 1996

Sporting Kansas City

Mine eyes have seen the glory.

4. Ajax | 1928


Bring back the helmet detailing!

5. AS Roma | 1977

AS Roma

The Capitoline Wolf in all of its glory.

6. Sevilla | 1918-1921


For me, this is just the right amount of squiggly.

7. Atletico Madrid | 1942

Atletico Madrid

Top Gun vibes.

8. Leicester City | 1983-1992

Leicester City

Crazy like a fox.

9. West Ham | 1975-1980

West Ham

I miss the old West Ham, the beat-your-ass-at-the-Boleyn-Ground West Ham.

10. Manchester City | 1976-1981

Manchester City

Maybe the best coat of arms I've ever seen.

11. Arsenal | 1994-1996


Boom boom boom boom / I'm gonna shoot you right down.

12. Celtic | 1988


The badge for Celtic's centenary.

13. River Plate | 1985-1986

River Plate

Classic cat-in-paper-bag behavior.

14. Sporting de Gijón | 1950

Sporting Gijon

The sort of "G" you used to draw all day in middle school.

15. Borussia Dortmund | 1976-1978

Borussia Dortmund


16. Eintracht Frankfurt | 1977-1998

Eintracht Frankfurt

Looks like a great beer hall.

17. Lille OSC | 1981-1989


One for the good boys.

18. FC Nantes | 1968-1973 


Looks like the Flying Dutchman.

19. Olympique Marseille | 1972-1986


This would make for a sweet ball cap.

20. Club America | 1938-1946

Club America

Las Aguilas 

21. Atalanta | 1963


Where's she going?

22. Minnesota United | 1976-1981

Minnesota Kicks

Back in the NASL days.

23. Derby County | 1946

Derby County

Looks like a Digimon.

24. Swansea City | 1980s

Swansea City

The kind of swan that comes after you in the park for no damn reason.

25. Fulham | 1931


It's the neighborhood traphouse. 

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