Messi And His Wife Are Spending Their First Days As Newlyweds Hanging Out With Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez and his wife Sophia Balbi are vacationing with the Messis.

You know how honeymoons are supposed to work: the newlyweds are supposed to hop on a plane and spend a few weeks being very romantic and doing it a lot while not seeing a single person they have ever met or will meet again. This is a tried-and true formula, but it is not the formula Lionel Messi and wife Antonella Roccuzzo are using, because their honeymoon includes Luis Suarez.

Los chicos divirtiéndose  The boys having fun

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Suarez is by most accounts a pretty good friend, and he and his wife are very good friends with the Messis. Also, everyone brought their kids, so this wasn't your typical honeymoon.

Visita sorpresa a @luissuarez9 @sofibalbi #thiaguimatubenjadelfi @antoroccuzzo88 

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Maybe Messi asked Suarez to watch his kids during the honeymoon and Suarez took that as an invitation to tag along. Maybe they just happened to be in the same place at the same time while drinking drinks out of pineapples. Or maybe they're just really good pals and wanted to go on vacation together.

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