12 Seconds Of Messi And Iniesta Passing Around In Tight Spaces Will Blow Your Mind

Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta are rightly considered both two of the best dribblers and two of the best passers in the world. One of the main reasons this is so delightful is they are on the same team, and get to flash their brilliance in tandem. That's what they did against a packed-in Valencia defense Sunday. The match (perhaps unjustly) ended 1-1, but we got a fanstastic 12-second sequence of Messi and Iniesta passing that would have Pep Guardiola (and, to be fair, just about anyone else) dancing on the touchline.

If only they had scored there. Shooting has never been a very prominent part of Iniesta's game. Still, this is the type of technique and movement Barcelona has always been known for, and it's breathtaking to see it in action. Perhaps the most Barcelona part of it all is the action is set up by center back Samuel Umtiti in Valencia's final third.

Tiki-taka is alive and well, clearly. Maybe Ray Hudson wasn't joking when he said Messi could follow you into a revolving door and still come out first. Come to think of it, Iniesta could probably do that too.

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