The Stages Of Soccer Practice, According To Murphy's Law

Because anyone who has ever coached soccer practice knows sometimes things just don't go according to plan.

Murphy's Law posits that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Soccer practice is not an exception to Murphy's Law, so let's break it down:

What Time Is Practice, Again?

No one knows when practice is, so you get emails. So many emails. And texts. And calls.

No One Knows Where Practice Is

Your team splits time between two different fields, so naturally half of the players go to one field and half go to another. It's a good thing you've got an easy way to message all of them instantly and at once. Oh wait . . .

You Tell Them To Run And They Just Stand There

Look no one wants to run, but soccer players must run. It's sort of a requirement.

Jimmy Is Late

Even later than the kids who were at the wrong field. Get it together, Jimmy.


The Ball Rolls Down A Hill

The good news is it has disappeared into the woods after rolling down said hill. Wait . . .  that's not good news.

The Children Will Not Do The Drills Correctly

You beg them to listen. You plead, you sternly order and you threaten, but they will not listen. Now you have no idea what they are doing. You just know you did not ask them to do it.

Could Be Worse. Could Be Raining

Just kidding it's raining now.

Everyone Wants To Go Inside

No, they may not go inside. A little rain never hurt anybody. 

The Field Is Flooded

Nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned mudder!


There's Lightning Now

OK, everyone go inside.

The Ball Rolls Down The Hill Again

"Get the ball later, just go inside before you get struck by lightning!"

Everyone Go Inside

Finally they run.

It Clears Up

OK, the weather's back to normal so I guess it's safe to continue practice. Now what time is it . . . 

Practice Is Over


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