10 Awful Things Fans Yell At Referees

It's hard to sit in silence.

If you are a referee then you probably have to deal with a lot of angry, crazy, annoying, loud fans. It’s quite the skill to be able to ignore the never-ending noise and focus on the game. We are all guilty of yelling at a referee at some point in our lives; whether it was from the stands, at the TV or on the field. Here’s a list of the top, most common insults fans yell at referees. But, in the end, the referees have the most power allowing them to make any call or throw anyone out. Scream as much as you want, they aren’t listening.

“What game are you watching?!"

Because it can't be the same game I'm watching. 

“You need glasses!!!"

Did you even pass your last eye exam?

"How are you not going to call that?!"

Make the call already!!

"How much did they pay you???"

Why wasn't I included in this pre-game conversation?

"What kind of call was that??!!"

I would like a clear explanation.

"Oh come on!!!!"

You have two other referees helping you. How do you keep messing up?!

“Do you know how to use a whistle?”

If not, I can teach you.

"That should be a yellow card!!!"

If you don't call something soon, I might explode.

"Throw them out of the game!!"

Make them leave ref. Teach them a lesson.

"Get off your knees ref, you are blowing the game!"

I don't know how much longer I can watch.

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