How To Stop Football's Most Unstoppable Forces

Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho and Manchester United are examples of things previously thought to be unstoppable, but they have their weaknesses.

There are some things in football that just seem impossible to stop. Can anyone stop Lionel Messi from having an influence on the game? No. You can only hope to contain him for damage limitation. Can anyone stop Arjen Robben from cutting inside? No. You just have to hope he’s injured and not available for selection. Can England stop Iceland’s long throw even though it’s their only form of attack? No. Roy Hodgson isn't ready for that.

There are other near-certainties in the sport that would seem, at first take, to be unavoidable. However, here are 11 examples of how to avoid the unavoidable.

Stopping Lionel Messi

Stopping A Player That Can Dribble Like A Seal

Stopping The Long Throw

Stopping A Quick Restart


Stopping A Cheeky Low Free Kick

Stopping Ronaldinho

Stopping Arjen Robben, or How To Tear Your Anus

Stopping A Red Card

Stopping An Unbeatable Manuel Neuer


Stopping Manchester United

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