Everyone — And We Mean Everyone — Is Talking About Messi Leaving Barcelona

It appears Lionel Messi will soon be leaving Barcelona, the only club he’s ever known as a professional. It’s earth-shattering news for the footballing world, akin to Michael Jordan leaving basketball for baseball, the death of Kobe Bryant, Pete Rose being banned from baseball or Lou Gehrig’s retirement.

While news of Messi wanting to leave Barcelona isn’t the biggest shock given recent events, it’s hard to imagine him playing for any club other than the one that brought him over from Argentina as a diminutive 13-year-old. It’s not unlike LeBron James leaving Cleveland (the first time), Tom Brady abandoning the Patriots, Boston selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees or Hakeem Olajuwon playing for the Raptors.

Then again, Messi has shown a history of petulance after big defeats. After losing the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Copa América finals, Messi claimed he was done with international football before reconsidering shortly thereafter. Speculation again arose over international retirement after the 2018 World Cup. The point is, there’s still a possibility Barcelona keeps Messi, though it probably includes bringing in a huge amount of talent, perhaps even Neymar, to appease him, or someone figuring a way out of this binding contract.

Anyway, Messi’s potential transfer — whether it’s to Manchester City, PSG, Inter Milan or Inter Miami — is the biggest sports story of 2020. Here’s how social media is reacting.

Lionel Messi Social Media Reaction To Leaving Barcelona

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