Adorable Son Helps Lionel Messi Stay Fit At Home

I’ll be honest, self-isolation has begun to take a toll on my body. I haven’t left my apartment except to take out the trash in over seven days now and there’s only so much you can do indoors. Unless, that is, you have a gym like the Lionel Messi home. 

With Spain on lockdown, everyone required to stay indoors to prevent the proliferation of coronavirus, athletes everywhere have had to bunker down indoors. Unlike most of us doing the same around the world, however, LaLiga stars have giant homes with their own gyms to stay fit while waiting for the resumption of their league

Messi started his quarantine by doing what just about every other footballer has done: juggle toilet paper. This meme is uniquely 2020 but also a fun way for footballers around the globe to stay connected.

Messi juggled his TP in what appeared to be his bedroom, with an unmade bed like some sort of monster. But I suppose we should give him a break considering he’s got three kids to keep up with.

It was one of Messi’s three sons, Ciro, the youngest, who helped Messi stay fit down in the Messi home gym. 

As Messi went through a variety of exercises, Ciro was with his papa every step of the way, helping him lift weights, jumping around and just being an adorable child. Ciro basically acted like my cat whenever I try to do work from home. 

Lionel Messi Home Workout

In these tough times of social distancing, it’s nice to have family and friends to help you through it. 

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