Weird Flex But Mba—Kay

France’s young star reaches 100 goals . . . in training.

PSG star Kylian Mbappe is already way ahead of his time. The 20-year-old sensation has a Ligue 1 leading 19 goals in 18 appearances, a World Cup title and, to cap it all off, he has officially scored his 100th goal in practice.

What a legend.

Mbappe has drawn comparisons to fellow teenage phenom Pele before, but counting practice goals is one similarity he cannot deny or downplay this time.

Before his 100th practice goal, Mbappe had scored in two consecutive competitions — he scored his side's second goal to put Manchester United away in PSG's recent Champions League victory.

He then followed that with the PSG's sole goal in its most recent win over St-Etienne.


After the win at Man United, Mbappe was presented with a shirt to commemorate his prestigious accomplishment.

Now with an iconic 100 picture, the French star now without a doubt joins the likes of former NBA star Wilt Chamberlain.

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For a 20-year-old soccer sensation to attract comparisons to Pele and Chamberlain, there's no telling how far Mbappe's career will go.

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