Kevin De Bruyne Delivers A Horrific Tackle To Adnan Januzaj In Belgium Training

While the action has been heating up in the days of World Cup play, Belgium has been gearing up for its opener against Tunisia on Monday. Ranked third in the world and boasting big names such as Eden Hazard and Romelelu Lukaku, Les Diables Rouges have the elements to make a significant run in Russia — that is, assuming these stars do not recklessly become their own worst enemy.

Manchester City golden boy Kevin De Bruyne undoubtedly caused some anxiety and dropped jaws during training on Friday with this flying, two-footed tackle on teammate Adnan Januzaj. 

Someone, please, check that this man’s legs are still intact. Sheesh. A challenge like that in a World Cup practice makes you wonder if the Real Sociedad winger did something to realllyyy piss off de Bruyne (especially since he runs away without checking if he’s alright).

Hopefully the boys of Belgium can play nice as their tournament gets underway on Monday against Panama. 

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