Joe Hart Loudly Swearing Is The Best Moment In Liverpool-Manchester City History

Former Man City goalkeeper Joe Hart was none too pleased after Martin Skrtel scored Liverpool's fourth in 2015, and he happened to be near a microphone.

Manchester City and Liverpool have scored their fair shares of incredible goals against each other, but there's one moment in their storied history that stands out. It's from Liverpool's 4-1 win over City in 2015.

Martin Skrtel's thunderous goal from a corner kick put a lid on the game, and Joe Hart (or someone who sounds EXACTLY like him), standing too close to a microphone, said the f-word really loud. The broadcast picked it up. It was beautiful.

Warning: the following clip contains an Englishman yelling the f-word REALLY loud, so don't click on it of you're in church or something. 

I originally thought it was a fan, but after further investigation, I think it was Joe Hart. It sounds just like him, and it makes sense that there would be a microphone near him.

Here's a video of Joe Hart DEFINITELY swearing to compare it to:

Anyway, I hope something that funny happens tomorrow.

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