FC Rostov Releases A Kit That Looks Like A Carpet And Honestly WTF

I love a good football kit just as much as anyone. Even the wacky ones, like SCR Peña Deportivo’s special Ibiza DJ kit. But in terms of which kit is, well, different, then this one might just take the cake. Meet the FC Rostov carpet kit.

You are probably thinking why on earth would they want to design something that is reminiscent of a rug in an old person’s home, but it turns out there is a meaning to it.

A fan of the club brought in a carpet to FC Rostov’s game against newly promoted Russian side Yenisey Krasnoyarsk (try saying that five times fast), because his excuse was that he did not have any space for it in his house. 

So the fan decided to bring the carpet into the game with him, and lo and behold FC Rostov won the match 4-0. The carpet was deemed a lucky omen, and now the club has released a special fourth kit with the design of the fan’s carpet. Shockingly, people actually want to purchase the carpet kit, with orders being placed all across Europe.

FC Rostov is already doing pretty well in the Russian Premier League so far, bringing in three wins from four games. For their sake, let's just hope the fan never finds a spot in his home for his carpet and he continues to bring it to their games.

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