Modern-Day Romeo Snatches Brace, Marriage Proposal And Injury Substitution In 69 Minutes

I wanna feel the heat with somebody.

Thankfully for Antofagasta striker Eduard Bello, what I’d imagine was a pretty heavy weight on the mind was lifted within two minutes during yesterday’s Chilean Primera Division match between his club and Everton. After opening the scoring inside 120 seconds, the Venezuelan attacker sprinted off to the stands and proposed to his girlfriend.

He also grabbed the ring from someone on the sidelines, and we’re sure his girlfriend was also grateful that he didn’t produce the symbol of wedlock from inside his pants or any bodily cavity. 

Also, as the away side during the match, it’s nice to see the Everton fans cheer the modern day Romeo and not pelt the couple with pints of beer and baguettes.

The match took a cruel turn when Everton scored two unanswered, but Lover Boy himself restored parity just before halftime. Unfortunately for Bello and his fiancé, Everton would snatch all three points in the 83rd minute.

You usually hear about how hyper-competitive professional athletes are unable to speak with loved ones after soul-crushing defeats, and Bello’s frame of mind won’t have been helped by the fact that he had to be substituted in the second half following a crunching tackle.

All’s fair in love and war, amirite? 

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