D.C. United Fans Reportedly Attack Traveling Sounders Supporters

After beating the Sounders 2-0, D.C. United fans reportedly attacked Seattle Sounders supporters.

D.C. United extended its win streak to three matches while the Sounders failed yet again to create space between themselves and the rest of the Western Conference playoff hopefuls on Sunday. But it was the moments after the game that have gotten the media's attention.

It has been reported that members of the Emerald City Supporters, Seattle's largest supporters group, were attacked by D.C. United fans. While the numbers of those involved aren't conclusive, one fan was hospitalized with what is rumored to being a broken jaw.

It is disgusting and at the same time confusing to see this happen at a sporting event. D.C. United and the Seattle Sounders have never had that big of a rivalry. You would expect a Portland-Seattle or a Red Bulls-D.C. match to be more prone to violence, but they aren't. It is weird that this is the stage that violence broke out.

Regardless, let's hope it never happens again.

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