Ex-Girlfriend Unleashes Biting Invective On ‘Psychopath’ Ronaldo

Jasmine Lennard took to Twitter to crush Cristiano Ronaldo.

Jasmine Lennard, one in a long list of Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriends, does not like the Juventus No. 7 and wants the world to know.

Lennard, somewhat of a reality TV star and model in the UK, used Twitter on Tuesday to denounce Ronaldo and support Kathryn Mayorga, who has accused the Portuguese striker of raping her in Las Vegas in 2010 and has recently sought to have their out-of-court settlement voided. 

Ronaldo and Lennard reportedly had a fling around 2010 while Ronaldo was dating Irina Shayk, a relationship that lasted from 2010 to 2015. Lennard said Ronaldo demanded she not date anyone else while they were together or even leave her house under threat of cutting her body into pieces and throwing them into a river. 

Among the wilder points from Lennard’s diatribe were calling Ronaldo a psychopath, accusing him of bragging about bullying his baby mommas and giving permission slips to her if she wanted to go out. 

The whole thing started after Lennard watched "Surviving R. Kelly," a recent documentary of the singer’s history of sexual and physical abuse accusations. Lennard said she couldn’t stay quiet any longer. 

While it’s hard to prove any of Lennard’s accusations (she said she has proof), it’s worth listening to what she has to say, because too often powerful men are able to get away with horrifying crimes. 

Here’s a taste of her tweets. They get more salacious as they go, so it’s worth reading all of them. Ronaldo’s response is at the bottom.

Edit Jan. 10: Lennard appears to have deleted her Twitter account, but you can still read her tweets.

As Lennard’s Twitter tirade died down, Ronaldo tweeted this picture of him wearing what appears to be jorts:

Later on Tuesday night, Lennard said she’s spoken with members of Mayorga’s legal team about her accusations.

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