Cristiano Jr. Is Having A Better Season Than His Dad

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is banging free kicks like his daddy in his prime.

Despite finally ending his La Liga goal drought against Malaga on Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo is having a no-good, very bad season so far in Spain. Luckily, Cristiano Jr. is here to pick up the slack.

Ronaldo posted a video on Instagram of his son hitting a sweet free kick in a youth game. Gosh, I wonder where he learned to do that?

Nothing is coincidence 

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Generally this sort of thing is the purview of The18's Connor Fleming, but I thought I'd take a crack at it today. You know who else took a crack? Cristiano Jr. It must be nice for the elder Cristiano to know that, even if he never scores another professional goal (unlikely), his legacy appears to be safe.

Cue Harry Chapin.

Sorry. I don't even like that song, but it seemed appropriate.

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