Could The Chicago Fire Win The World Cup?

With the addition of German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, could the Chicago Fire be poised for a deep World Cup run?

Remember when Bastian Schweinsteiger was introduced to the Chicago Fire? And that guy asked him if the club had a real shot at a World Cup with his joining of the squad?

Well. This raised the question: could the Chicago Fire win the World Cup in 2018 now that they have Schweinsteiger?

We identified five factors that we believe are the most important in creating a successful World Cup squad. Let's break it down:

1. Experience

Verdict: the Chicago Fire do not have enough experience to win the World Cup, nor, as a club, are they even allowed to participate.

2. Depth

Verdict: the Chicago Fire do not have the depth to win the World Cup. Also, Chicago is not a country.

3. Coaching

Verdict: the Chicago Fire's coaching staff is not tactically adept enough to win the World Cup. When people from Chicago call the area "Chicagoland" they do not mean it like Chicago is a country. They are just being annoying.

4. Cohesion

Verdict: only time will tell whether the Chicago Fire can mold into a unit capable of winning the World Cup. However, it is a moot point, as they are ineligible for the competition.

5. Skill

Verdict: the Chicago Fire simply aren't up to the standards of World Cup favorites like Brazil and France. Also unlike Brazil and France, the Chicago Fire is not a national team.

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