Mama Pulisic Showcases Her Skills

No one is surprised to see Christian Pulisic showcasing his skills, but seeing Christian Pulisic's mom ball out is something we deserved to see.

Kelley Pulisic and her son both had no trouble volleying the ball around in the kitchen in a recent Instagram stories video posted by the new Chelsea player.

And with such a nice kitchen, they better have the skills to maintain the ball without wrecking anything. 

Christian wrote “and y’all thought I got it from my dad” on the post, giving his mom the credit she deserves in his path to where he is today.

Kelley was a collegiate athlete at George Mason University, where both her and her now-husband, Mark, played soccer.

Having two collegiate athletes as parents is a pretty good formula for making a child into an international star before his 18th birthday.

The18 and the internet would love to see more action from Christian Pulisic's mom.

There has been no word yet on whether Kelley will be joining Chelsea Women’s star Bethany England in London with her son.

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