Charlie Adam Should Be Taking Corners For England

Charlie Adam's innovative new corner strategy is just the thing the Three Lions need.

Much of the consternation surrounding the England National Team (this is before the loss to Iceland, of course) surrounded the taking of corner kicks. Manager Roy Hodgson had Harry Kane, who is 6'3", on the job. Many argued someone else, someone shorter, should be taking corners so Kane could have the opportunity to head said corners into the back of the net.

Fortunately, new England manager Gareth Southgate does not have such an issue, as Stoke City forward Charlie Adam has solved it for him.

If Charlie Adam isn't taking corners for England during the remainder of World Cup qualifying there is going to be a riot, even though Charlie Adam is actually Scottish. Now, Southgate can get back to the important business of managing the formation, scouting upcoming opponents and telling Wayne Rooney why he's not going to be playing anymore. Thanks Charlie Adam!

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