Alexis Sanchez Should Leave Arsenal Because His Teammates Are Mean To Him

Much of the discourse currently surrounding Arsenal revolves around whether superstar Chilean attacker Alexis Sanchez will still be there at the end of January. We can say two things about Sanchez with a reasonable amount of certainty: he is Arsenal's best player by some distance, and he cares deeply about playing for his country.

That is why it's probably a bad idea to send tweets like this:

Every player mentioned in that tweet, including the man who sent it, is worse at soccer than Alexis Sanchez.

Really, every tweet at Alexis, who scored twice for Arsenal last time out against Crystal Palace, from an Arsenal player that doesn't read "thank you Alexis for being our entire offense please don't go to Manchester City" is a bad idea.

Sure, it's not a player's job to recruit players to a club or to keep them there, but this, this is not good. Unless Elneny and Sanchez have one of those friendships where they just say whatever they want to each other all the time, regardless of how mean it is.

We'll really know Elneny wants Sanchez out if he starts going after Atom and Humber.

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