Alberto Moreno's New Tattoos, Ranked

Liverpool left back Alberto Moreno got some new ink.

Alberto Moreno got some new tattoos. The man is running out of places on his body to put them, but he found a way. They are very nice tattoos. One is of a tiger wearing a bandana. One is of a panda wearing a monocle. One is of a dog wearing bocing gloves. They are all winners.

1. The Panda

It's got a monocle! It's smoking a pipe! It's wearing a silly hat! It's a panda! When you really look at all the details, there's not really a choice to be made here.

2. The Dog

We should point out that the dog depicted wearing boxing gloves in this tattoo is Alberto Moreno's actual dog. He walks it by having it pull him while he's riding a hoverboard. Really.

3. The Tiger

I'm ranking the tiger last out of the three, but that shouldn't take anything away from it. It's a tiger wearing a bandana, after all. That is a fantastic concept on its own. It just isn't quite as fanstastic as the other two.

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