Pamela Anderson Breaks Up With World Cup Winner After Marriage Proposal

You gotta feel for Adil Rami. He won the World Cup with France over the summer, but never actually made it onto the pitch. Now his girlfriend — infamous model/actress Pamela Anderson — has broken up with him.

According to multiple sources, including Page Six and TMZ, Anderson dumped Rami soon after Rami proposed to the 51-year-old former Baywatch star. 

Rami, a 32-year-old center back for Marseille, has made 35 appearances for Les Bleus. While not preferred over the likes of Raphaël Varane and Samuel Umtiti, Rami did get to lift the World Cup trophy, a feat few footballers ever achieve. 

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Rami’s girlfriend at the time, Anderson, held the trophy too. Soon after the tournament, Rami gave her a Cartier ring, with a marriage proposal supposedly to come later. Everything seemed to be going great. 

Anderson reportedly said no to marriage and sources have told multiple outlets that she recently called it off with Rami.

According to Page Six: “After spending this past week with Adil’s cute (2-year-old) twin sons, … it broke Pam’s heart that he doesn’t see them enough, as he should, so she’s moving out.”

“Pamela feels she is the reason Adil doesn’t spend enough time with his children,” the source continued. “She is removing herself from his life so he can do the right thing and be with his kids. It’s a selfless move by Pamela, a true romantic — and she is heartbroken. Adil has difficulty balancing his life with Pamela and what should be a healthy relationship with his ex, the mother of his children.”

Of course, this is all gossip, but who doesn't love a little juicy gossip every now and again? 

Anderson had moved to France in part to be with Rami. She’s apparently on France’s version of “Dancing with the Stars” now. It’s unlikely Anderson will lack for famous suitors, having previously dated the likes of rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock and, if rumors are to be believed, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. 

Rami, meanwhile, will have to solace himself with trying to stop the absurd talent at PSG in Ligue 1 while competing in a tricky Group H in the Europa League

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