Goat Disrupts A Game Because He Wants To Play Goalie

At The18, we have a thing for animals and soccer. So anytime the beautiful game and some type of creature collide, we’re all over it. This time we venture to the little island of Crete off the coast of Greece. 

Two local teams were playing a game of soccer when a random goat found his way onto the pitch. But this little billy goat wasn’t there just to watch the game. He wanted to play in it. 

The goat’s natural position seems to be goalkeeper, but the lame Greeks wouldn’t even give him a chance. The referees and players ushered the goat off the pitch and all seemed to be back in order. But what they didn’t realize was that this goat REALLY wanted to play goalie. Also, anyone else notice the location of the field? Talk about a view!

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