Falcao Just Proved Why He Is A Futsal Legend

Alessandro Rose Vieira, better known as Falcao, is Brazil’s futsal version of Pelé. For over 25 years, he’s been dazzling spectators with his improbable repertoire of tricks, skills and astounding goals. While the futsal legend may now be 38-years-old, age has done nothing to diminish the skills of Falcao. As evidenced by this saucy rainbow flick goal in a friendly charity match, the Brazilian has still got it.

Brazilian futsal legend Falcao's rainbow flick goal:

A two-time FIFA Futsal World Cup winner and four-time Futsal World Player of the Year winner, Falcao is poetry in motion on the court. Having scored 201 goals in 339 appearances for the Brazilian futsal team, his game has got a bit of end product as well. Falcao retired from international futsal in 2014 and now plays for Vasco da Gama in the Brazilian indoor football league.

While his outdoor professional playing career amounted to only a few appearances for Brazilian club Sao Paulo FC in 2005, Falcao was able to become a household name in Brazil before the internet catapulted him to international stardom. 

Falcao was never able to cope with the physical demands of the outdoor game but revelled in the smaller spaces allotted to indoor players. His left foot isn't half bad, either.  

Falcao Tricks and Skills:

His appearance in the 2005 film Ginga: The Soul of Brasilian Football, alongside fellow Brazilian great Robinho, also introduced Falcao’s genius to a greater audience. Falcao was a player Robinho watched and attempted to emulate while he was growing up. The indoor courts of futsal traditionally provide young Brazilians their first taste of football, supplying an early education in dribbling, movement and control.

Falcao versus Robinho:  

Falcao is the kind of ringer we'd all appreciate joining our five-a-side team at the weekend. 

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