Carlos Vela Scored His First Goal Since October

Carlos Vela is not having a good season for his club. Going into 2016, the Real Sociedad striker had only two goals to his name and hadn't scored since October.

It may be a good omen for Vela's 2016 that he ended his goal drought in Sociedad's 5-1 loss to Sporting Gijon Friday.

And it wasn't even a little dink or anything either! That was a proper goal from a striker who desperately needed to score one, lest his confidence fall to levels known only to Manchester United's forwards this year.

Should this goal prove prophetic of the rest of Vela's 2016, El Tri fans can rest assured that he will regain his place as one of Mexico's elite attacking players, and a worthy strike partner for Chicharito.

It is only one goal, though, so don't get your hopes too far up. There's still a lot of soccer to be played in 2016, and whether Carlos Vela will score more goals is yet to be determined.

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