The Best Mustaches In Soccer

Here is some inspiration for the brave souls that are embarking on the 30 day journey that is Movember.

The ladies may hate it or they may love it. Either way, it's Movember, which means that men across the globe have 30 days to work on their mustaches for the annual Movember movement. 

For the first timers, or those that haven’t heard of the annual tradition, Movember is a foundation committed to changing the face of men’s health. The foundation challenges men to grow mustaches during November to spark conversation and raise funds for men’s health programs. Participants are asked to shave clean on November 1st and go through the entire month grooming their Mo asking friends and family for donations to the foundation for their efforts. 

So, in light of the holiday spirit, we here at the18 decided to take a look at some of the best flavor-saving, crumb-catching lip rugs we’ve ever seen in soccer.

Carlos Valderrama

First up we have the legendary Carlos Valderrama. Yes, the massive blond afro is the first thing to attract your attention, but Valderrama’s brown (pencil) style stash is the real reason his look is so badass. Let's not forget the about the Colombian’s accolades: 1987 Copa America MVP and Cafeteros all time leading goal scorer. 

Carlos Valderrama sporting his classic look. (Photo:@Galwayplayer | Twitter)

And yes, he still rocks that stash to this day. 

Valderrama and Jozy Altidore. (Photo:@JeremyPond | Twitter)

Ronaldo Spelbos

The Dutch may have invented “total football,” but Dutch defender Ronaldo Spelbos invented the “total mustache.” Spelbos goes with a long handlebar stache that was a fan favorite on Ajax’s way to their 1987 UEFA Cup. 

Spelbos's long handlebar is pure class. (Photo: @WelshyWatkins | Twitter)

Chris Kamara 

Our favorite Sky sports personality, Chris Kamara, has the next mo we take a look at. Not only is Chris Kamara hilarious (watch the video of Kamara on this page by scrolling down), but he brings a classic pencil thin mustache to the table. The tough-tackling midfielder later became a manager for Bradford City and Stoke City and his Mo will live on forever. Yes, he still rocks it to this day. 

The legendary Chris Kamara. (Photo:@breathesport | Twitter) 

Vicente Del Bosque

Vicente Del Bosque's mustache looks thin compared to the old days. But the Spanish manager has never turned his back on his mo. Del Bosque has a true man's mustache, and perhaps it’s the reason La Furia Roja have won a World Cup and a Euro cup on his watch. Or should we say on his 'stache. 

Two things have stayed the same for Vincente Del Bosque. His winning ways and his mo. (Photo:@English_AS | Twitter) 

Marcelo Balboa

USMNT legend Marcelo Balboa had another classic fully-grown mo. Once he added his long hair to the look, Balboa was a key part of getting the U.S. into the round of 16 in the 1994 World Cup. 

Marcelo Balboa player card. (Photo:@oldschoolpanini | Twitter) 

Ian Rush

Ian Rush is the all-time leading goal scorer for Liverpool, and he also happens to have an all-time leading mustache. We would be stupid to leave him off the list. 

Ian Rush during his Liverpool days. (Photo@ESPNFC | Twitter)

Neville Souhall 

One of the best goal keepers of his generation also had the best mustache. Neville Souhall, the Everton man with over 570 appearances, kept it classy with his mo for his entire career. That is, until his waistline became the focal point as opposed to his mustache.

Neville Souhall sporting his classic mo. (Photo:footballinT80s | Twitter) 

David Beckham

Then there is David Beckham, who makes us all look like clowns in our mustaches. The English international debuted the mo during his MLS campaign. 

Beckham would grow a good mustache. (Photo:MLS) 

For all the men out there growing their mustaches for Mustache March, stay strong. Times will be tough as you go through plenty of awkward phases. But all good things in life are worth waiting for. Did we forget one of your favorite mustache heroes? Let us know in the comments or tweet at us @the18soccer! 

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