Barcelona Didn't Need Messi In El Clasico. They Brought Him On Anyway

In El Clasico, Barcelona were already up 3-0 on Real Madrid when they added insult to injury by bringing on the best player in the world.

Barcelona didn't have to twist the knife. But they did.

Leading Real Madrid 3-0 in the Bernabeu, and making a powerful statement in the first Clasico of the year, the Blaugrana could have easily killed the game off and returned to Catalonia the triumphant victors, the clear favorites in La Liga and the masters of El Clasico.

But they didn't do that. Instead, Barcelona made Real Madrid bow and kiss their blue and red-striped feet, the conquering overlords of the Estadio Bernabeu. With the game already for all intents and purposes out of reach, Barcelona manager Luis Enrique subbed on best player in the world and soccer-playing creature from another planet Lionel Messi.

The internet, as you can imagine, handled this with calm and stoicism.

Then, after Messi came on, he didn't just trot around to test his legs out in his first appearance coming back from injury. He and his Barca teammates did this.

You can almost hear Luis Enrique yelling "sweep the leg, Messi" from the sidelines. Good night, Real Madrid.

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