This 12-Year-Old Is On The Fast Track To The Pros With This Goal

Emirhan Delibaş is 12 years old and just scored a goal better than any you ever have ever scored.

When we were 12 years old, we were just satisfied with putting the ball in the back of the net, no matter how it happened. Honestly, we were six years away from playing soccer like bees play tag. In the rare instance that one of us scored something that took any amount of skill, we we’re f***ing pumped.


So we have no idea how we would have reacted to this 12-year-old doing his best Ronaldo impression, scoring an absolutely unbelievable goal for Besiktas’ academy team.

The goal is made to look all the more amazing by appearing to be scored from ridiculously far away. Judging from the smudged white line that must be the 18, he scored from around 28 yards out; otherwise it looks like he might as well have been 40 yards out. 

According to Bleaching Report, the name of this kid is Emirhan Delibaş. Remember the name, you just might be obsessing over it during a transfer window 6 years from now. 

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