Top Soccer Reads: More FIFA Presidential Candidates

Certain FIFA presidential candidates (and by that we mean all of them) have outlandish names, plus the rest of the best soccer articles of the week.

The work week is over, and happy Halloween everyone. Tomorrow, we get to watch two of the most entertaining managers not named Miguel Herrera square off in a duel of teams that on paper should be much better than they've played so far. Eearlier this week the official list of FIFA presidential candidates was announced, to the amusement of many. Here are the top soccer articles of the week, don't fill up too much on candy/adult beverages. You'll get diabetes.

FIFA And The Top 10 Soccer Reads Of The Week

1. The FIFA Presidential candidates and their incredible names. (VICE Sports)

2. Gerard Deulofeu is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. (Deadspin)

3. Jose Mourinho and the future. (SB Nation)

4. Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs own a hotel, which they are letting homeless people stay in for the winter. (The Guardian)

5. Sacha Kljestan on being a midfielder. (The Players Tribune)

6. Colonialism and the World Indigenous Games. (Fusion)

7. Neymar has finally become a superstar. (The last soccer article published on Grantland)

8. The Death and Birth of Tottenham Hotspur (Cartilage Free Captain)

9. The Liverpool-Manchester United betting scandal of 1915. (These Football Times)

10. Buriram United is the most interesting and modern team in Asia. (These Football Times)


Today was a sad day for online sports media. ESPN announced that, one of the most creative, interesting sports sites on the web, is ceasing publication efective immediately. This sucks, and to commemorate the loss, we've assembled our three favorite soccer artices from Grantland. Enjoy.

Brian Phillips on the incomparable Louis van Gaal.

Brian Phillips again on soccer's most interesting villain, Luis Suarez

Charles P. Pierce, for our money the best sportswriter in the country, on FIFA.

Top Of The18

1. An in-depth profile of the USMNT's most German American, Jermaine Jones

2. A deer scores a goal. And puns.

3. The greatest soccer playlist ever devised.

4. Juan Carlos Osorio is in a position to succeed with Mexico.

5. An open letter to Roman Abramovich.

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