Pathetic Messi fans send racist comments to Canada’s Moïse Bombito over his tackle on Messi

Racism is still the biggest plague of the “Beautiful Game”, and it reared its ugly head on Thursday as Argentina and Lionel Messi fans racially abused Canada’s Moïse Bombito on social media.

Fans weren’t happy about the tackle on Messi from the Colorado Rapids star during the Copa América opener between Canada and Argentina. During the second half Messi went down and received treatment following this tackle from the Canada defender.

It’s totally normal to be upset about this tackle on your country’s star player. It was a poor tackle. What’s NOT normal is to track down that player’s social media accounts and spam their comments with racial abuse.

Slurs, monkey emojis and other insults filled Bombito’s comment sections all over a tackle that Messi didn’t even get injured from. Canada Soccer released a statement saying they have contacted Concacaf about the matter.

Bombito comments after tackle on Messi

Most of the cowards and low lives who sent hate Bombito’s way did so while hiding behind private and anonymous accounts.

But what do you expect from a bunch of fanboys who would lick Messi’s sweat off the grass if given the opportunity? Racists like the ones bullying Bombito are my least favorite part of this sport.

These primitive scumbags love to hide in the safety of the crowd and behind their keyboards where they know they’ll face no consequences. 

All we can do is denounce their behavior and keep our fingers crossed they get hit by a bus the next time they go outside. 

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