Lionel Messi Got Injured. His Chauffeur Is One Of The Best Players In The World.

It's good to have friends.

Lionel Messi is injured, much to the dismay of the greater soccer-following population.

Messi's teammates, though, are not fazed, and have rallied around their star right-winger in his hour of need.

Case in point: someone needed to drive Messi to the training facility (he's probably on pain meds or something). The good samaritan who ended up chauffering the hobbled Messi to and from practice: Luis Suarez.

Yes, that Luis Suarez. The Luis Suarez who himself is one of the top five players in the world. The Luis Suarez who is not regarded in the fondest light by many people, due to his biting habit and alleged racial abuse of certain players.

But Luis Suarez is undeniably the good guy here, for when his teammate calls he answers. And they pair look to be enjoying themselves, so good for them. 

It's good to have friends. Especially friends like Luis Suarez.

(H/T Barca Blaugrana)

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