USWNT’s Lindsey Horan hits at American soccer fans: 'Most of them aren’t smart'

Lindsey Horan had a few words to say about everything USWNT and even hit at some of the fans that criticize them.

On Thursday, Feb. 1, The Athletic released an interview with USWNT and Lyon star Lindsey Horan talking about all things USWNT since the end of what was a tough year for the historic national team — an interview that has quickly gathered a lot of mixed opinions in the American soccer world.

In what was apparently a sit-down interview at a hotel lobby with Horan awaiting a flight back to France from a national team camp, the American captain opened up about her new experiences as a USWNT leader in what has been one of the hardest transitional periods for the women’s team in the 21st century.

Horan, who is now 29 years old and with over 130 national team caps, was named as the team’s captain back in July by former manager Vlatko Andonovski and has along the way, earned the task to lead a group in need of fresh, new leaders and stars who must maintain the winning mentality that has kept the USWNT at such a high level for the past decades.

“We have to continue that… You have to be amongst this team for a while to know what the fuck that takes… it’s one of the most competitive national teams to be a part of” she said.

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There have been many conversations about the USWNT’s new generation and their capabilities following the exits of many national team icons such as Megan Rapinoe. For Horan, no one actually knows what this ‘new’ team full of up-and-comers is capable of.

“Even in the past few games, you see little glimpses of that, but it’s the final product,” Horan said. “Continuing to do that throughout the game, getting everyone on the same page, not just four or five players” she said. “If you can develop that more, and it’s inherent in every single player on the team, you’re looking to play the combinations, all of these things? No idea what this team can do,” she added.

Lindsey Horan — “American soccer fans, most of them aren’t smart”

However, the Olympique Lyon star also mentioned how with success, comes heavy criticism, and much of it from fans and media personalities that “aren’t smart.”

“We [are] one of the most talked about teams,” Horan claimed. “We’re always in the magnifying glass on every single thing we do or anything we say.”

Inside the magnifying glass, Horan explained, comes many misunderstood aspects of the USWNT from their very own fanbase, often from taking ‘a television commentator’s analysis at face value.’

“American soccer fans, most of them aren’t smart,” she says. “They don’t know the game. They don’t understand. (But) it’s getting better and better.”

“I’m gonna piss some people off… but the game is growing in the U.S. People are more and more knowledgeable, but so much of the time people listen to what the commentators say right? My mom does it!” 

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Lindsey Horan, who debuted with the USWNT over 10 years ago in 2013 and has shown she has no problem in speaking her truth, is perhaps the most experienced national team player inside new manager Emma Hayes’ squad and will have to continue to ‘bite the bullet’ of criticisms ahead of a very important summer for the U.S. 

Following what was perhaps the worst year in USWNT history, Horan and company will work together to earn some of the respect ‘lost’ in 2023 back by re-establishing their international status in the Summer Olympics and very first Concacaf Women’s Gold Cup.

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