USWNT fans furious with Korbin Albert after reposting anti-LGBTQ+ content on TikTok

The Korbin Albert controversy kicked off Wednesday night when United States women’s national team fans discovered her far-right political reposts and likes on social media.

The reposts that got USWNT fans the most upset were on TikTok. It appears Albert’s account reposted videos about people needing to “be saved from being gay or transgender.”

The USWNT have always been one of the loudest pro-LGBTQ+ voices in the sports-sphere and have made a concerted effort for the team and fandom to be a safe-space for the community.

The fans vehemently reacted to Albert’s social media activities.

Her other reposts included videos calling zodiac signs demonic and more conservative-leaning videos.

USWNT fans reactions to Korbin Albert’s posts

It will be interesting to see what happens next with Albert and the USWNT. The 20-year-old Paris Saint-Germain midfielder played a big role in the Concacaf W Gold Cup in February playing next to Sam Coffey.

The midfield pairing of Albert and Coffey started four games at the tournament including all three of the knockout games.

Albert was named to the SheBelieves Cup roster and is a hopeful for making it on the 18-player Olympics squad.

Time will tell if Albert’s social media controversy blows over or if any serious action is taken.

Update: Korbin Albert apologized via Instagram

Korbin Albert apology

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