Guillermo Ochoa linked to a move to new MLS club San Diego FC

The iconic Guillermo Ochoa's career in European soccer appears to have come to an end and a club in MLS could be looking to sign the goalkeeper as their main star for the following 2025 season. Hint: the transfer makes a lot of sense.

Guillermo Ochoa linked to new MLS club San Diego FC

According to various reports, there could be a keen interest emerging from the newest franchise in MLS to secure Ochoa as their grand signing for the upcoming season. San Diego FC, set to make their debut in January 2025 as the league's 30th expansion team, is reportedly eyeing Ochoa as as their potential first star signing.

Ochoa — current playing for Serie A's Salernitana who are bottom of the league-table with only 14 points — is set to part ways with the club following their imminent relegation to the Serie B next season. 

The Mexican goalkeeper's unwillingness to play in the lower Italian tier as he approaches the final years of his career, plus the potential financial strain for Salernitana of retaining a player of Ochoa's caliber in the second division, would have been the turning points in the 38-year-old’s end of tenure with the club.

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Renowned as a top-tier goalkeeper known for his performances with Mexican national team at the World Cup level, Memo’s potential move to San Diego FC would carry an instant impact for the club both on and off the pitch. 

His signing — while can still be successful on the pitch considering his current form at almost 40 years of age — would instantly make the legendary El Tri goalkeeper one of their star players and ‘poster boys’ in their debut for the 2025 MLS season, meaning an immediate connection between the club and their new fans.

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The former Club América and five-time World Cup player would attract widespread attention from both the Mexican and American media, amplifying the club's visibility and drawing increased attendance to their stadium in the Mexican-American community-filled city of San Diego —  all big reasons for SDFC's strong interest in Ochoa.

San Diego State’s Snapdragon Stadium, set to be the home of SDFC for their opening season, filled its seats with over 30,000 fans to watch Mexico face off against Cameroon in a friendly last June, showing the grand interest of its soccer fans for El Tri.

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Make it happen, SDFC. Or better yet, "hazlo possible."

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