We have new leaked USMNT kits — we can’t tell if we love them or hate them

Perennial kit leakers Footy Headlines have given us a first glimpse at what the United States men’s national team could be wearing in 2024. The USMNT kit leak happened Thursday night and the home and away shirts have mixed reviews.

Nike’s previous USMNT kits haven’t won over fans especially since the hideous World Cup kits. For a brand that has a track record of remarkable kits, it feels like the designers at Nike have treated U.S. Soccer like a homework project they forgot to complete until the night before it was due.

Some fans share that feeling with these latest leaks. What do you think?

2024 USMNT kit leak


2024 USMNT kit leak


2024 USMNT kit leak

The home kit is a standard white top with a little flair on the collar. This shirt isn’t blowing anyone away but plays it safe to avoid any horrendous reviews. It’s essentially a repeat of the 2020 home kits but in a different font.

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This writer also has no qualms with the USA logo moving back to the left of the chest. I’ve never been a fan of a team’s crest smacked in the middle of the shirt.

As for the away kit the debate rages on. The first impression was negative as it looked like a sloppy attempt at a rocket pop jersey. After getting a good night’s rest and looking at it again the mood has started to shift. Is this actually a good kit?

Fans on social media are divided with some calling the away jersey garbage and others seeing the upside. Seeing what the full kit looks like on the players will be the true test if the kit is a bang or bust.

Here’s our initial rating of the kits after one day.

Home kit: 7/10

Away kit: 6/10

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