Cross-sport Dopplegängers — This is what Champions League team you would support based on the NBA team you watch

NBA and UEFA Champions League teams have some dopplegängers between the sport, and are more similar than you might think.

The NBA and the Champions League are some of the most competititive and watched leagues in the world. They're the team-scoring, net-hitting, ball-shooting cream-of-the-crop sports.

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Since the 1950's, both have united and attracted the best players in the world of their respective sport to play in their competitions to reach to utmost competitive glory. It's their sport's club royalty trophy.

Hence their various similarities, we at The18 have found that many of the teams from the competitons, whether it's players, trophies, infrastructure, trade/signing agendas, or things as basic as team colors, have shared similar paths in their history.

So, if you're an NBA fan that has ever wondered what team you'd support if you watched the UEFA Champions League (or vice-versa), you're in the right place.

What Champions League team you would support based on the NBA team you watch

Boston Celtics - Manchester United

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Both of the most successful teams in the their respective competitions that have a lot of history in the early and fairly recent years of the sport. They have both slowly began to struggle after most of their legendary dynasty players started to retire and go to other teams. They have made some very bold player acquisitions picks in the last few years in hopes of returning to the main stage, but they really haven’t amounted to anything.

Brooklyn Nets - Tottenham Hotspur

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Teams that recently had their home stadiums renewed, both share the city with larger and more successful teams. They have made some interesting transfers recently, but still stand inferior to the big teams in their competitions and sometimes rather lackluster.

New York Knicks - Newscastle United

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Very historic teams that have a beautiful stadium with a lot of fans in the country but are no longer the powerhouse and feared team in the competition as much as they used to be.

Chicago Bulls - Ajax

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Both teams that dominated in the early years of the competition, transformed the way that the sport is played with players like Michael Jordan and Johan Cruyff but that have fallen behind some of the competitions top teams in the last few decades.

Cleveland Cavaliers - Juventus

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Teams that essentially got tired of winning multiple consecutive Conference Finals and Serie A in the last decade but were clearly inferior to one of the best teams of all time (Warriors and Real Madrid/Barcelona) when reaching their respective finals.

Detroit Pistons - Inter Milan

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Both teams enjoyed tremendous success in the past with elite players, developed into a respected franchise in the competition, and ultimately had a team that depended on defense and unity to win the UCL/NBA championship.

Denver Nuggets - Manchester City

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The recent NBA and UCL Champions after defeating the competition's biggest team (Lakers and Real Madrid) on their way to the final, with the most feared blonde, tall and freakish players on the planet (Nikola Jokić and Erling Haaland) to lead their attack. They're not looking to slow down any time soon either.

Golden State Warriors - FC Barcelona

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Two of the most successful teams in the 21st century that lived their most decorated eras in their history, also with arguably one of the best ever teams in the history of the sport (Guardiola's sextuple and Warrior 73-9), with multiple eras of dominance in recent years. Dynasties lead by some of the best players on the planet (Steph Curry and Lionel Messi) that are known for their out-of-this-world skills.

LA Clippers - Atletico Madrid

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Very famous teams, in a very famous city with a very loyal fanbase, but that have never amounted to any eras of dominance or titles, especially in recent years. Have city rivals (Lakers/Real Madrid) that are significantly more successful.

Los Angeles Lakers - Real Madrid

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The most successful and historic teams in their respective leagues, with some of the sport’s best-ever players having worn their jersey — resulting in trophy-winning dynasties across multiple decades.

San Antonio Spurs - FC Bayern

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Teams that has been successful in many eras of the sport and that have beat other historic teams in their way to their championships. 

Miami Heat - Chelsea

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Teams that became in successful in the modern era 'out-of-nowhere' after recruiting and putting together a team with some of the best players on the planet at the time, but got heavilty criticized for it.

Oklahoma City Thunder - Borussia Dortmund

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Always very young and exciting teams that have been historically known for constantly thriving off new and young talents.

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