Please Inject Son Heung-Min Squealing Like A Kid After Draining Basketball Shot Into My Veins

Son Heung-min’s confidence is firing on all cylinders right now. After putting four goals past Southampton, the Spurs forward is now shifting focus to basketball. At the start of Tottenham’s training, Son spotted a basketball hoop and decided that he is a multi-sport athlete.

Come for the shot. Stay for Son’s reaction to making it.

Son must be preparing for the NBA Finals. At this point the Boston Celtics need all the help they can get.

The best part of the video is his child-like laughter after rattling in the shot. It’s honestly the only reason I’m writing this article right now. Life has been absolute piss lately with next-to-nothing going well for anyone. Son reeling away in a swarm of giggles brightened my day tremendously. You know it was a special moment when even Jose Mourinho chuckled.

Son has similar energy to the kid who declared, “If I like pickles I can shoot threes.”

Son’s reaction didn’t make my ears bleed to be fair. While the South Korean’s basket was impressive to a certain extent, no one will ever top Martin Montoya’s shot at Barcelona training.

It hurts my soul a bit knowing that this video of Montoya is already five years old. I realized how ancient this video was when I looked up "Montoya basketball shot in training" and got Vine results. I’m getting older, gross. Guess I’ll inject more "Son basketball shot in training" juice to forget the pain.

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