Referee gives penalty for two attacking players colliding in what might be the worst call ever

A referee's decision in Brazil is a candidate for the worst call in the history of soccer after he awarded a penalty when two attacking players collided in the box.

The incident took place during a Copa do Brasil match between Tombense and Retro on Wednesday. 

In the 80th minute two Tombense players went for the ball in Retro’s box at the same time. One of the players accidentally stamped on his teammate’s foot. That teammate then threw himself on the ground screaming in agony.

To the bewilderment of the Retro players, the referee blew his whistle and pointed to the spot.

Tombense penalty vs. Retro

VAR isn’t introduced in the Copa do Brasil until the Round of 16. Wednesday’s match was only the second round so there was no video assistant to take a second look.

Tombense scored the ensuing penalty kick and won 1-0.

What an awful call by the referee.

Three Retro players were given red cards at the end of the game after they aired their grievances. It would be extremely hard to keep cool after having the game stolen from you.

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