Ruben Neves scores and lets the world know the 'Rashford celebration' has always been his

The index finger pointing to the head celebration used by Marcus Rashford this season has people arguing over who was the first player to ever use it after scoring a goal and according to Rúben Neves, it’s always been his.

Rashford's 2023 form and new celebration

If you follow the world of soccer, you probably know that Rashford is one of the most in-form players on the planet right now. Since his return to Manchester after the World Cup, Rashford has scored 11 goals and provided four assists in 13 games across all competitions.

Aside from the goals, one thing that has become a recurring moment in Rashford’s appearances for United has become his goal celebration. Whenever the Brit has scored, he runs to the corner flag, stays still and uses his index finger to point to the side of his head. He’s done this 11 times in 2023.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The goal celebration has quickly become a trademark for United’s No. 10, with him even sharing or tagging other players and athletes who have hit the celebration in a similar fashion. Call it the “Rashford movement”.

In light of Rashford’s marvelous form, accompanied by his new celebration, fans have started to ask themselves whether or not this celebration was used by other players or athletes in the past. 

Is the "Rashford celebration" actually Rashford's? Not according to Rúben Neves

Joshua Kimmich, Novak Djokovic, Rúben Neves, as well as the great Nicolas Bendther and more are all examples of players who fans have pointed to had done the celebration before Rashford. Not so fast there, Marcus.

Aside from fans and players on Twitter, Wolves midfielder Rúben Neves proved another point in the celebration conversation but this time away from social media and directly from the soccer pitch.

Neves scored the last goal in Wolves’ 3-0 Premier League victory over Liverpool this Saturday and the Portuguese international thought it was the perfect opportunity to set things straight in the Rashford celebration controversy and put an end to the skepticism online.

After scoring the closing goal, the midfielder looked at the stands and let the fans know that the “Rashford celebration” is and will always be his. Don’t mess with a man’s goal celebration, folks.

There hasn’t been a response from Rashford on social media following Neves' message, and we probably won't see Rashford posting and tagging Neves on his Instagram story anytime soon.

Yet, considering Rashford will most likely keep hitting the celly week in and week out and more often than Neves, global soccer fans will probably start to tie the famously used celebration with the Manchester United player for a long time to come and not with the Portuguese. Sorry Rúben.

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