League Two Manager Shows Off Insane First Touch, Flicks Ball Away From Opposing Player And Celebrates

Mark Hughes is the manager of League Two club Bradford City. While youngsters might write him off as just another manager, it’s important to remember he's a two-time Premier League winner with Manchester United and made 72 appearances for the Welsh national team, scoring 16 goals. 

The former forward turned manager showed the world he still has a trick or two up his sleeve during Bradford City’s Football League Trophy match vs. Sheffield Wednesday on Tuesday. 

When his side cleared the ball toward his touchline, Hughes decided it was time to bust out the skills.

Mark Hughes First Touch Skills

I love the audacity to pull off those skills in the 65th minute while his side was still tied 1-1 against a club in the tier above him. His skill show must have inspired his players as Bradford City scored two more goal to win 3-1.

A look back at some of his highlights as a player makes the Mark Hughes first touch against Sheffield Wednesday look like child’s play.

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