Messi accused of copying Prime's bottle design with new sports drink Más+

Lionel Messi announced the launch of his very own sports drink company, with fans calling out the Inter Miami superstar for ‘copying’ another hydration drink’s bottle design.

Messi launches Más+ hydration, fans call out drink for similarities with Prime

Lionel Messi announced the upcoming release of his very own energy and hydration drink company, 'Más+ by Messi,' on Tuesday, June 4 across his social media platforms.

Messi, alongside his wife and family, posed and previewed some of the flavors and bottle colors of Más+. 

“I wanted a drink that I could share and enjoy with my family, friends and teammates” wrote Messi on Instagram.

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Some of the flavors include ‘Miami Punch’ — a pink bottle and drink inspired by his current stint with Inter Miami in MLS — and ‘Orange d’Or’ — an orange bottle inspired by his eight Ballon d’Or awards. The drinks are now available for pre-order on masbymessi.com

The 'GOAT' has an official drink.

The drink, however, has gained a lot of controversy upon its release as fans quickly took to social media to call out the Más+ bottle designs and their similar appearance to the popular drink 'Prime'. 

Social media phenoms Logan Paul and KSI, launched Prime in 2022 and have since then become one of the most successful hydration and energy drink companies in the world, with the brand being known for their colorful and unique bottle designs.

They are the official sponsors of some of Europe’s biggest clubs like Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Arsenal and of some of the world’s most popular sports stars such as Erling Haaland and NFL’s Patrick Mahomes.

Amidst the upcoming release of Más+ and their similarity with Prime, outlets have gone as far as saying that Logan Paul and KSI would be considering suing the company for this same reason.

There has been no official stance taken by anyone from Prime as of yet, with only KSI posting a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo holding a Ballon D’Or on his Instagram stories, saying the Portuguese is the greatest of all time over Lionel Messi.

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