Watch: NSFW sounds ruin the Euro 2024 group stage draw

The big story from the Euro 2024 draw should have been about the groups, however one google search of “Euro draw sex noises” will let you know what everyone is talking about.

The draw — which took place in Hamburg, Germany — fell victim to a prankster who played sexual noises for several minutes.

Here was the moment that the hosts tried to keep their cool while the sounds of intense intercourse echoed throughout the concert hall.

Euro draw sex noises

If you’ve been on the internet long enough then you recognize that sound. It’s the classic prank sound that is used to make someone accidentally play it in public.

A prankster that goes by the name “Jarvo” is taking credit for the Euro sex noises. He’s pulled off the identical prank before where he has a phone hidden on the set and makes the ringtone the sexual noises.

The last time he did this was during a BBC broadcast of Liverpool vs. Wolves. The loser lowlife livestreamed his prank on the Euros and posted it to Twitter.

Despite the ceremony being spoiled, the results of the draw have created some incredibly interesting groups for next summer’s tournament in Germany.

The clear group of death contains Spain, Italy, Croatia and Albania.

Euro 2024 kicks off on June 14 with the final set to be played on July 14.

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