Meanwhile, in Russia: Massive brawl between Zenit and Spartak players ends with 6 red cards

Banned from the World Cup after delirious, megalomaniac tyrant Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine, Russian soccer has carried on with their local competitions. And the planet got a reminder today after a game between Zenit and Spartak Moscow turned into a massive brawl. 

It was so bad that six players were sent off. 

Zenit-Spartak Moscow fight

The chaos started seconds after the final whistle when Colombian Wilmar Barrios and Dutch Quincy Promes pushed each other. The ref tried to separate them but failed to manage the situation when Brazilian Zenit defender (No. 55) Rodrigão entered the scene, throwing punches and flying kicks.

Players on the field, as well as those on the benches, sprung into action. And soon, everything was pandemonium. 

Eventually calm returned and the official decided to show six red cards: Three for Zenit players (Wilmar Barrios, Rodrigão and Malcolm) and three for Spartak ballers (Shamar Nicholson, Alexander Sobolev and Alexander Selikhov).

If you care, the game in the Russian Cup ended in a 0-0 draw in regular time. Zenit then claimed glory after a 4-2 penalty shootout.

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