The World Of Soccer Mourns The Death Of Former Colombian Star Freddy Rincón

Colombia woke up today with sad news. Former national team captain Freddy Rincón died last night after being involved in a car accident in Cali.

The news was confirmed by his children and the hospital treating him.

Rincon was registered in the hospital in the early hours of Monday after the van in which he traveled hit a public bus. The talented star suffered a cranioencephalic traumatism, and doctors had to perform a surgery that lasted almost three hours. After the procedure, Rincón was connected to mechanical ventilation, but despite all the medical efforts, he died Wednesday at 11:33 p.m., local time. 

According to the police report, the van caused the tragic accident after speeding at a red light, but it didn't specify who was driving. 

The bus driver involved in the accident also suffered head trauma, but he is luckily recovering and out of danger. 

The world of soccer mourns Freddy Rincón death

Rincón was an exceptional player: strong, skillful and always ready to score a goal coming from the midfield. He rose through the youth squads of Santa Fe and played for Real Madrid, Napoli and a bunch of Brazilian teams. All of them expressed their condolences for his death.

His biggest legacy, however, is in the Colombian national team. Rincón was part of star-studded squad along with Carlos Valderrama, René Higuita, Andrés Escobar, Leonel Álvarez and Faustino Asprilla, among others. He played in three World Cups (1990, 1994, and 1998) and is particularly remembered for two things:

1.) His goal in the 1-1 draw against Germany that allowed Colombia to advance for the first time to the second round of a World Cup in Italy 1990.

2.) His brace during a historic 5-0 victory over Argentina – in Buenos Aires!  – on the road to the 1994 World Cup. 

Rincón's death hit hard and this is how Colombia – and the rest of the world – is saying goodbye to the legend.

Rincón was so beloved that the Mayor of Cali announced an official city mourning period over the next three days and left the Pascual Guerrero stadium available for his funeral.

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