If you are too sensitive, YOU SHOULD NOT WATCH what happened to Irven Ávila's elbow

It's been a while since I last saw an injury on a soccer field that sent shivers right down my spine. However, the unfortunate elbow dislocation suffered by Peruvian player Irven Ávila ended the stretch.

If you don't want to see what happened to him, it's time to close this tab and keep living your life far from pain. Please, don't say I didn't warn you.

Irven Ávila elbow injury

Just four minutes after scoring the first goal in Sporting Cristal's 2-1 win over Atlético Grau, life was not very kind for the 32-year-old veteran Ávila.

The striker was contesting a ball against defender Eduardo Caballero when this one decided to solve the dispute by pushing Ávila toward the stadium billboard ads. And the result was disastrous, as you can see in the video.

(Seriously, last chance to look away and close this tab)

I mean, Ávila's left elbow went everything everywhere all at once.

According to Sporting Cristal doctors, Ávila suffered a dislocated elbow with a collateral ligament tear that will keep him out of action for at least five weeks. 

Caballero? He didn't even get a yellow. 

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