Are Inter Miami and Barcelona joining forces to sign Lionel Messi?

The rumor mill is bursting with the idea that Inter Miami and Barcelona are concocting a special formula to get and share Lionel Messi for the years to come.

But is this true?

There is no news not saying Lionel Messi's future is the 2023 summer transfer window's biggest telenovela. Despite being in the promotional photos of the PSG 2023-24 home jersey, everybody knows the chances of seeing the Argentine star actually wearing that shirt next season are close to none. 

So, where is he going? Saudi side Al-Hilal offered Messi a colossal $400 million contract and several media outlets have reported the agreement is a done deal. Messi's father, Jorge, however, has denied those versions. 

Then, you have Barcelona. The Spanish giant have been dreaming of the return of his prodigal son, but their financial problems and LaLiga fair play rules are hindering a possible deal between the parts. 

And it's here when Inter Miami comes to the scene.

Inter Miami and Barcelona plan to get Lionel Messi

MLS loves the idea of having Messi around and Inter Miami have been constantly linked to the Argentine world champion. So many times that it now looks like an old tale. 

However, according to the French newspaper L'Equipe, Inter Miami and Barcelona have been considering some sort of agreement that will make everybody happy. The deal would let Barcelona have Messi on loan for a few months and a well-deserved farewell, circumventing LaLiga obstacles, before heading to MLS.

Cool, right?

The thing is that while the rumor and the idea spread around, there are already reports saying that the agreement is not real.

"Lionel Messi will decide on his future in the coming days. Still no formal offer from Barcelona and there's no Inter Miami-Barcelona pact, although MLS side would love to sign Messi outright. It's an option. High confidence remains from Saudi Arabia, contrary to some reports," said CBS reporter Ben Jacobs.

César Merlo, an Argentine transfer expert, has similar information. "Inter Miami made an offer but discarded a loan to Barcelona."

According to the French newspaper L'Equipe, Inter Miami and Barcelona are planning an incredible move to win Lionel Messi's heart. But is it true?


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