Minutes after winning the Brazilian Cup, David Luiz learned his family had been in a terrifying car accident

Former Chelsea and Arsenal player David Luiz experienced a night of contrasting emotions last Wednesday. The defender led Flamengo over Corinthians to claim the fourth Brazilian Cup in the club's history but, seconds later, had to deal with disturbing news about his family, who had suffered a car accident just before the game. 

David Luiz's family accident

According to David Luiz, the people involved in the accident were his sister, brother-in-law and two nephews. They were all supposed to be in the legendary Maracanã watching the game, but their car fell 100 feet into a ditch on their way to the stadium and they had to be rushed to a local hospital.

Since the player was focused on the final, nobody told him until the end of the game. However, he sensed something was not right after seeing they were not sitting where they were supposed to be.

"I said to myself, 'maybe they were late or couldn't arrive on time,'" David Luiz admitted in an emotional Instagram post.

When the game was finall over, someone told him about the accident. 

Once people assured him everybody was in good condition, David Luiz decided to spend a few moments of camaraderie with his teammates before visiting the hospital to check in on his family. 

Later, the player went home, saw the accident photos, and noticed that everything could have been way worse.

"A car that falls 40 meters, spinning around more than eight times and going right to the trees... My family is fine, there are some stitches and scratches, but it could have been much more serious," he said. 

As a fervent believer, David Luiz ended his speech by thanking God and delivering a message to his followers about appreciating those who love us. 

"I thank God for giving me one more opportunity to be with them. And I thank God for teaching me one more day," he said. "We should take life more simply. And simplicity is loving those who love us and sharing with them every moment, whether it's a simple 'good morning' or a hug out of nowhere. Whatever it is."

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