Chucky Lozano to LAFC? Here's what we know

One of Mexico's biggest stars could be trading Europe for MLS. That is if we believe the rumors swirling about a potential move of Hirving 'Chucky' Lozano from Napoli to LAFC.

Chucky Lozano to LAFC – What do we know?

Several reports in Mexico and Italy are saying that the winger has accepted an offer coming from LAFC, but now it's time for the American club to agree to terms with Napoli to complete the deal.

LAFC's interest in Lozano is not new, but rumors started to heat up a couple of weeks ago when the director of football of the MLS franchise, Marcos Garcés, pleaded the fifth after being asked about the player on ESPN.

On Monday, DAZN Italy said the player gave his thumbs up to a three-year proposal that will see him earning $6 million per season (€5.5M). The number is one million more than what Lozano currently receives from the Italian champion.

But does Napoli want to sell him?

The club has expressed in the past the intention to renew Lozano's contract – which expires next summer – but by reducing his salary. Of course, the Mexican has rejected those conditions, opening the door to a potential sale. 

And in that context, it makes sense for Napoli to sell him now instead of waiting until the end of the 2023-24 campaign when the player could leave the club for free.  

So the question is what price are they willing to seal the deal?

Napoli bought Lozano from Dutch side PSV for almost $50 million (€45M) in the 2019-20 season. At the time, the fee was a record for the Italian club, but since then 'El Chucky' hasn't lived up to the expectations. Aurelio di Laurentiis – Napoli's owner – knows he is not going to recover the money invested, so he has set a tag price north of $27 million (€25M).

According to some reports, LAFC is offering $16.4 million (€15M) for the move.

Are they going to meet in the middle? Who knows. But the soap opera will not be long, considering the MLS transfer window closes on Wednesday, Aug. 2.

What if there is no agreement? Lozano could go to another team (there is some interest from Saudi Arabia), or the deal could be discussed again in January 2024 during the winter transfer window, the last chance for Napoli to cash in on the player.

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